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What is decorative glass and with is its use

In general, it can be said that decorative is a kind of interior architecture that creates a beautiful and functional atmosphere by making a series of changes in interior decoration, and the use of decorative glass is one of the branches of this art. Today, decoration is of special importance among interior designers. With the help of this art, designers express their emotions and show their personality and inner characteristics. In fact, decorative art or decorative art is the design and production of practical tools in architecture. The art covers a variety of disciplines, including painting, photography, sculpture, and calligraphy. Decorative art in the discussion of home decoration includes two parts: fixed decoration and removable decoration. For fixed decoration, we can mention wallpaper, ceramics, stone, glass and similar items. Portable decorations also include furniture, chandeliers, lampshades, dishes and utensils and the like.

What is decorative glass and with is its use
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