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Is each window double glazed with soundproofing?

First, we will give a brief explanation about sound insulation. The world around us is full of noise and most of these sounds are not pleasant to us and we do not enjoy hearing them. Today, noise pollution is a major part of the problems of urban life and its destructive effects on social reaction and public health are clearly visible. As a result, minimizing these noises and achieving calm has become a major concern. It is in this context that most builders turn to the use of suitable sound insulation.

What is sound insulation?

In order to reduce noise pollution and prevent sound from entering one environment from another, a coating called sound insulation should be used. Usually the sound is transmitted through the walls, floor and ceiling of the building, which causes sound waves.


In terms of sound absorption and reduction, there are two very important and fundamental issues in the design and construction of buildings and structures. One of them is how to absorb the transmitted sound and sound, that is, the same type of sound insulation that is selected, and the other is the use of the best materials in the construction of the building, ie walls, floors, ceilings, etc. According to research on sound insulation, the use of two to five centimeters thick sound insulation has a great effect on reducing sound transmission. Insulation of windows and the environment is also a very important factor in saving energy in the hot and cold seasons of the year, and this factor has led manufacturers to produce double-glazed windows.


Is each window double glazed with soundproofing?
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